Wap 2





Further Training of Outpatient Psychiatric nursing-care providers
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation
Project Title Further training of outpatient psychiatric nursing-care providers
Project Acronym WAP 2
Project Number 2007-LLP-Ldv-TOI-2007-TR-005
Duration 24 months
Start – End 1/12/2007 - 30/11/2009
Contracting Organization MESEV - Milli Egitim Saglik Egitim Vakfi, Turkey

Across Europe, the trend in psychiatric care is from in-patient to outpatient treatment. In the field of outpatient treatment, the project will develop a modular concept for technical further and continuous training of nursing staff.So far psychiatric patient care has almost continuously been tied to a stationary service such as a hospital. However, the new and tested perspective to install care manpower in the ambulatory psychiatric care has yielded in shortening and avoidance of the hospitalization, and also in avoidance of home-stays. This innovation in psychiatric patient care has brought the service into the community and raised the demand for care. The slogan of this innovation is ‘In the Community, With the Community’. This innovation has provoked the need for further qualification of man power in health care in the frame of the standards to be developed at local, regional, national and international levels. In parallel of this activity, the development of new curriculums for psychiatric care training at different levels. This effort requires a multinational cooperation through sharing experiences.

The objective of this Leonardo Pilot Project, „ Development of Ambulatory Psychiatric Patient Care in Field (Provinces)“ is the conception and establishment of a technical and special developmental training for the care staff in Ambulatory Psychiatric Care. Near by, the betterment of the quality of psychiatric care activities stays at foreground corresponding to demands of ambulatory provision. The development (training) Should contribute to promote the innovation capacity and competence in this new field in order to be able to raise demands in this new activity field. On the other side, the joint formulation of standards and the evolution of modules of curricular development should be promoted through networking with other European partner countries implementing ambulatory psychiatric care and through the evaluation and transfer of innovative methods.

In the first phase of the project, the fundamentals, demands and work contents of ambulatory psychiatric care activities in three countries will be compared. A joint activity profile, the quality requirements and the developmental needs that come out of them will be defined at this basis.

In the second phase, the definition of qualification needs and the evaluation of prevision forth training practices stay in fore ground. Then, particular development (training) modules will specifically be developed.

The developed Materials from first project will be references for this second WAP Project.

In the third phase, the developed modules and the produced teaching material will be tested like the compiled whole curriculum.


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