Promoting Internet Literacy of elderly people by creating virtual places to come together with European Neighbors.
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Socrates – Grundtvig 1
Project Title Promoting internet literacy of elderly people by creating virtual places to come together with European neighbours
Project Acronym NEIGHBOURS
Project Number 230147-CP-1-2006-1-SK-Grundtvig-G1PP
Duration24 months
Start – End 1/10/2006 – 30/09/2008
Contracting Organization Euro-Projectservice, Slovakia

Economical, political and social participation is more and more depending on having access to new technologies. Internet access is becoming an essential tool not only for employment and education but for getting information and participating in society as well.

The project “NEIGHBOURS” wants to promote internet literacy for the senior people by attracting the „offliners“ getting familiar with the internet by showing them possibilities, advantages of internet-using in correspondence with their ideas, interests and needs.


  • Transfer of new competencies to third generation: Lifelong learning, empowering of new abilities and skills in accordance with the need of older people
  • Promoting internet literacy and confidence in ICT-issues for elderly people
  • Forming an elderly people community using the Internet (peer group learning)
  • Promoting social and cultural contacts in the internet-community in order to strengthen European neighbourhood. The project unites the communicative interchange with the use of the electronic tools of the Internet. Encounters and initiatives between citizens will arise.
  • More and a better participation for elderly people of daily-routines (online-banking, e-mail etc.)
  • Creating a network of different European organisations working in the field of adult education, improving a better co-operation among adult-education institutes with the aim of long-term impacts (guidance and professional help)
  • Overcoming of the major barriers:
    • price of access to the Internet and lack of equipment and software suitable for older users – through providing the equipment in the training and/or community centers
    • lack of training tailored to the needs and abilities of particular users who are unfamiliar with computers – through the method of attaching at the interests of the participants

Main activities

  • to create internet clubs for senior people in the partner countries
  • to create a common website “neighbours” in the process of learning and applying the tools of the Internet
  • to introduce personal, cultural, historical events, anecdotes, photos, music, local and traditional food, poesy, broadcasting of people and land on this website for communities, places and citizens of: Zavadka (SK), Ikaria and Patmos Islands (EL), Magdeburg (DE), Timisoara (RO), and a smaller town near Sofia (BG)
  • to promote social and intercultural awareness, to emphasize this through a process of participatory cooperation, curiosity and interest among the (near and far) neighbors of European Union.


2BulgariaZNANI Association Sofia
3BulgariaChitalishte Development Foundation
4GermanyVolkssolidaritat Magdeburg
5GermanyEBG- European Association for Vocational and Social Education
6GermanyGerman National Association of Senior Citizens Organisation
7GreeceDIAN-Training and Management Activities
8SlovakiaPartnership of social inclusion Brenzno
9SlovakiaSlovak University of the third Age
10RomaniaCenter for Rural Assistance