Lifelong learning for adults to raise aWAReness and basic civic competence.
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Socrates – Grundtvig 1
Project TitleLifelong learning for adults to raise POlitical aWAReness and basic civic competence
Project Acronym POWAR
Project Number 2005 225755-CP-1-2005-TR-GRUNDTVIG-G1
Duration24 months
Start – End1/10/2005 – 30/09/2007
Contracting Organization ESTA, Germany

Main objective of the project is o develop and offer a learning facility to promote lifelong learning for adults to raise political awareness and basic civic competence particularly with emphasis on ongoing EU-enlargement and multicultural societies. The product will be used flexibly locally, so not only the content but the method of the project will attract the target groups: a learning facility offered in different environments and attractive/interesting deliveries (methods, themes, periods, lecturer, materials) within non-formal education. Target groups are people who want to enforce their political participation at various levels while broadening their European perspective, e.g. voluntary workers and employees of local and national NGOs, migrant organisations, adult education providers, local and regional politicians, people working for local and alternative media, etc. We will develop 16 modules/themes each whit different emphasis; the user can attend only modules they are particularly interested or all modules. Each module will be self-contained and nevertheless integrated in the whole concept. The contents is based on the diffusion of (simple) concepts connected with civic participation in democratic life to raise awareness of the concept of ”European membership” and to promote and disseminate the values and objectives of the European Union. Powar will increase and stimulate active participation in local political life and involve citizens closely in reflection and discussion on the EU enlargement and multicultural society. With a bride info campagne and presens (TV broadcasting, Internet TV, Internet portal, international meetings) involving social partner and a exhibition relevant materials we want disseminate and ensure the sustainabilty of project activities.


1TurkeyESTA DANISMANLIK (Coordinator)
2Bulgaria1) Trakia University – Faculty of Education
2) Bulgarian – German Vocational Training Center – Pazardjik
3) Municipality Dobrich
3Germany1) Oren channel TV Munster
2) Turkish Union Berlin – Brandenburg
3) ESTA – Bildungewerk gGmbH
4GreeceDIAN-Training and Management Activities
5Romania1) German – Romanian Foundation, Centre for Vocational Training and Development Timosoara
2) School Inspectorate of Maramures County
6Turkey1) SAKARYA University
2) FINAL Dergisi – Private Education Course
3) BSB Association of Documentary Filmmakers

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