erasmusplusThe personnel of DIAN are working from 1987 with the European Projects in the fields of Education, Training and Culture and have participated in the implementation of many of them in collaboration with Organizations from the most E.U. countries.

The last years DIAN has participated also in projects in the fields of Youth, Environment, Immigrants and Roma.

Also DIAN consults organizations wishing to participate in E.U. programmes offering to them the following services:

  • Supplying information on European Union Programmes.
  • Providing advice on obtaining E.U. funding.
  • Preparing and submitting proposals for E.U. Programmes.
  • Project Management and preparation of reports to the E.U.

DIAN also provides Management services of already approved Projects to Organisations on the following:

  • Reports regarding the development of the Project
  • The final report on completion of the Project
  • Coordination of the partners.
  • Supervision of the smooth development of the programme and preparation of periodical evaluation reports.
  • Supervision of the programme’s budget and expenses and distribution of the funds to the Partners.

Finally DIAN’s library is equipped with the necessary books regarding the European Union, in reference to:

  • New entrepreneurs
  • Small companies
  • Enterprising activities of women
  • Tourism and tourism enterprises
  • Cultural issues
  • Education
  • Minority Groups
  • People with disabilities and special needs
  • Development of underrated areas
  • Agriculture
Active Projects

Active Projects

Implemented Projects

Implemented Projects