Green Cultivation Actions
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Grundtvig
Project Title Green Cultivation Actions
Project Acronym ECO-AGR
Project Number 510226-LLP-1-2010-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Duration 24 months
Start – End 1/11/2010 – 30/10/2012
Contracting Organization Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Trikala, Greece

Despite the ongoing improvement of quality of life of people around Europe in general, there are still certain rural regions in the EU-countries where the agricultural sector has been affected both by the international and the European environment.

In these areas:

  • there is an important decrease in youth entrepreneurship related to the agriculture.
  • lack of knowhow regarding the new effective methods of cultivation and the promotion of their products
  • low educational level
  • lack of environmental conscience

Overall aims of the project is to provide adequate training to farmers which will lead to the socioeconomic growth of them and their areas. This will be achieved through creation of training materials on the following topics:

  • Use of prototype green houses incorporating use of alternative energy sources, water management irrigation methods etc.
  • Use of modern technology for the marketing and sale of the products in the European market via auctions on the internet.
  • Accreditation of production methods and products.
  • Investigation of the possibilities and the conditions for the processing of the products.

The products of the project will be multilingual (7 languages) and will evolve from traditional training methods (training courses of 20-30 trainees for 240 hours) to e-distance learning methods and ICT based systems (Web-Auction Platform for agricultural products).

The Consortium consists of 8 organizations/6 countries. The partners have the adequate experience and supplementary expertise to carry out the project. The project applicant, Commercial Chamber of Trikala, will ensure that the outcomes will be business driven and will spread strategical synergies.

Expected in/tangible outcomes:

  • Decrease of unemployment in the rural agricultural areas
  • Upgrading of the economic & social status of target groups
  • Development of environmental conscience


1Greece Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Trikala (CHAMBER OF TRIKALA) (Leader organisation)
2Greece DIAN – Training and Management Activities (DIAN)
3BulgariaDrujestvo «Znanie»- Sofia (ZNANIE)
4TurkeyMKV International Consulting Training and Trade Company Limit (MKV CONSULTING)
5Italy Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna (UNIBO)
6Hungary University of Debrecen (UD CAS)
7RomaniaUniversity of Oradea (UO RO01)
8RomaniaBrasov Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI BV)