DIAN’S educational activity is based on the guidelines provided by the European Union regarding the equal and lifelong learning of the European citizens.

The educational programmes that DIAN offers include:

  • Business management seminars for entrepreneurs.
  • Seminars on the preparation of proposals for E.U. funded Programmes.
  • Seminars on the monitoring and administration of already approved Programmes from the E.U. or any other institution.
  • Seminars for Greek emigrants or foreign immigrants on the Greek Language, Tradition and Arts.

DIAN has completed a wide variety of educational programmes throughout Greece and other countries such as:

  • Seminars to Drama Teachers in schools from all over Europe on the preparation of Theatrical Performances of Ancient Greek Drama plays. The seminars were held in Belgium, Holland, Germany, England and Greece.
  • Seminars to Greek entrepreneurs on the changeover of their businesses to the Euro.
  • Seminars to Banking Institutions in Greece on their preparation for the Euro.
  • Seminars regarding the education of students with special needs to teachers from all over Greece, in collaboration with the Pedagogical Department of the University of Athens.
  • Seminars in entrepreneurship to Teachers in Technical Education from all over Greece, in collaboration with the University of Piraeus.
  • Day Seminars, Conventions and Speeches in various cities of Greece and Europe, on subjects relevant to Education and Culture.
  • Seminar on Holistic Medicine

e-learning courses and seminars: