English for Specific Purpose
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Leonardo da Vinci
Project Title English for Specific Purposes in Tourism sector
Project Acronym ESP
Project Number 2012-1-TR1-LEO05-35117
Duration 24 months
Start – End 01/11/2012 – 31/10/2014
Contracting Organization Adiyaman Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism



The project will contribute to sustainable development in the under developed Region of the partners’ countries by increased Tourism activities in these Regions.  Tourism can play a major role in EU efforts to create growth and jobs and promote regional development. Together with its rel

ated activities, it is one of the biggest and fast expanding European economic sectors.As borders disappear, the world became smaller and people gained a tendency to travel farther.Main reasons for this; the increasing rate of share allocation to tourism and vacations from spendable earnings, rapid improvement in transportation and communication technologies, and people’s interest and desire in visiting new places that they have never been before. European Union (EU), despite of being aware of the importance of tourism sector in regional development and employment opportunities, preferred not to initiate any sectoral approaches and continued its actions in tourism indirectly until the beginning of 1990s. For the increase of the capacity in this sector, it is necessary to learn English language for the Staff, who is working in related sectors as well as tourism (Strategic Plan 2012-14 Ministry of Culture and tourism).The need for English for the sake of getting skills and doing a job is clear. English knowledge of career school students and technical workers lags well behind their colleagues from high schools and offices.The aim of the project is based on the study “The Baseline study on the Teaching of English at Tourism sector with the subtitle “ESP – English for Specific Purposes.


The product, a CD-ROM, which is also able to test the learner progress, is to be foremost among those students, employees and English language teachers who are dealing with a job performance or occupation. Besides CD, the e-Learning will be created. The target group is not limited; it covers the whole Tourism sector and the other related occupation with this sector. Didactic and diagnostic tool for English language learners tailored after a fashion of occupational areas; Hotel & Restaurant, Health & Religious Tourism, and piloting will be done in Adiyaman, Mardin, Van, Afyon.


The English Modules-EPS, will be prepared by TOMER by help of other partners. Health Vocational School will prepare the specific language need in Health Tourism sector, Adiyaman Culture and Tourism Directorate and Vocational Schools will take a part to create the Hotel and Restaurant Language need Modules. Van, Afyon Chamber of Commerce, Italy Municipality and UBBSLA,The Union of the Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities, MKV Consulting will take a role to implement the Training Modules and also disseminate the project.The partner DIAN will transfer the Results of the first Project and University of Aspete will create the Distance Learning of the Modules.



1TR- TurkeyAdiyaman Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism (Adiyaman Directorate)
2TR- TurkeyMKV International Consulting, Training and Trading Company Limited (MKV)
3TR- TurkeyGAZI UNIVERSITY Turkish Languages Research and Application Centre TOMER (TOMER)
4TR- TurkeyAdiyaman National Education Directorate (Adiyaman MEM)
5TR- TurkeyMardin Hotels and Tourism Vocational School (Mardin Tourism)
6TR- TurkeyVan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VATSO)
7TR- TurkeyVan Edremit Hotel Management and tourism High School (Van Edremit)
8TR- TurkeyAfyon-Karahisar Chamber of Commerce (ATSO)
9TR- TurkeyAfyon Karahisar Ataturk Anatolian Health Vocational School (Nazilli Saglik)
10GR – Greece UNIVERSITY ASPETE-Faculty of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)
11IT – Italy Municipality of Di Ponsacco (Ponsacco)
12GR – Greece DIAN Training and Management Activities (DIAN)
13BG – BULGARIA UBBSLA-Union of Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA)