Europe – Now or Never







Europe – Now or Never
ProgrammeActive European Citizen
Project Title Europe – Now or Never
Project Number CSP-2007-018
Duration 12 months
Start – End 1/07/2007 – 30/06/2008
Contracting Organization ESTA Europa Forum, Germany

The Concept of this Project suggests workshops in Germany, Greece and Romania. Experts from ESTA will work together with their colleagues in these other countries. Through the project ESTA offers support in conceptualizing and consulting for Workshops and in units about E-learning. Within this setting of learning the aim is to create Products concerning “identities” of oneself in each partici-pating country. Finally these products should be presented to the public. This is to happen with the help of an Internet platform, thus open for an International Exchange.

The workshops

In each country involved in this Project participants should be able to find out about their own identity in social and political life. This should be visible and expressed in daily-life contexts. It should relate to personal guidelines in political thinking. The views expressed by each partner should also shift across borders and help mutual understanding of citizenship. European identities, as far as possible, should be recognized and lead to common interests in decisions taken at the European political level. This should create authentic messages and motivate for European democratic engagement among European Citizens.

The whole Project will start with a good ESTA- made Homepage – presenting the cooperation among these European Partners. Much of the Exchange will go along this medium and is to be evaluated on a Concluding Conference. A Web Based Training “Europe” is to be created along the Project. Be welcome to in the Forum.

It has never been as important as in these years that European people be-come involved in improvements of their community within their European Union. This is called active European citizenship.

That’s why activities should be created to make people aware of chances for a long-term peaceful and sustainable future. It is increasingly important:

  • to promote and disseminate the values and objectives of the European Union;
  • to bring citizens closer to the European Union & its institutions;
  • to involve citizens closely in re-flection & discussion on the con-struction of the European Union;
  • to stimulate initiatives through bodies engaged in the pro-motion of active and partici-patory citizenship;
  • to identify with their common interests among themselves and as to “Europe”.


1GermanyESTA Bildungswerk, Bad Oeynhausen
2RomaniaFundaţia Romano-Germana Timisoara
3GreeceDIAN-Training and Management Activities

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