The Job of my Life (MobiPro-EU)


The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Federal Employment Agency (BA) are making an offer: The Job of my Life promotes projects that qualify and provide assistance for young people from Europe so they can successfully complete dual vocational education and training in Germany.

Do your Vocational Training in Germany.

Companies in Germany need young, motivated junior employees. This is your opportunity to learn a profession that prepares you for the future. The opportunity of doing a first-class vocational training program that will offer you many prospects for the future. The opportunity of staying in a cosmopolitan country. The opportunity of many new experiences that will help you on your professional path.

The Job of my Life will accompany you step by step for two to three-and-a-half years in successfully completing vocational training.

In Germany, you do not just sit down and study at school. You can put what you have learned into practice in a company straightaway, gain professional hands-on experience, and continually improve your own skills. And the best part is – you get paid a training allowance for doing so.

Of course, Germany hopes that you will stay on and apply your know-how right here in to the future as well. But with your practical and specialised training, you will also find a job in your home country, in Europe or worldwide.

The Job of my Life promotes projects in which employers in Germany recruit young people from all over Europe to do vocational training. Through these projects you will receive financial support for, e.g. language courses, internships and travel expenses. In addition, you will always have a contact partner who will assist you with career questions or personal matters and will put you in contact with other people from your country.

Find the job that is right for you and enjoy the best kind of vocational training that you can imagine.

Your decision for The Job of my Life will involve many changes for you. Keep yourself informed: look on the internet and get a one-to-one consultation.