Training teachers in developing consumer awareness among children
ProgrammeLifelong Learning Programme
Sub-programme Comenius
Project Title Training Teachers in Developing Consumer Awareness among Children
Project Acronym TRACON
Project Number 517562-LLP-1-2011-1-GR-COMENIUS-CMP
Duration 24 months
Start – End 1/11/2011 - 31/10/2013
Contracting Organization Harokopio University of Athens, Greece

Adopting positive consumer behavior can be beneficial to both the individual and the society as a whole on a global scale. Additionally, sensitized and informed teachers can help their pupils and future citizens to develop positive consumer attitudes and behaviors. The present project may therefore contribute significantly to a better understanding of the role of education and ICT in the development of positive consumer behavior among school-aged children and thus fill this gap of knowledge. In this context, the actions that will be developed and the subjects that will be taught will be selected in accordance to the pertinent European legislation on consumer rights.
Recent scientific evidence suggests that the role of media in shaping consumer behavior of young people in modern societies is of prime importance. Moreover, educational programs focusing on consumer awareness and behavior are only partly included or, in some cases, completed excluded from school curricula in Europe. At the same time, only few school-teachers are trained to provide their pupils with knowledge and skills in order to help them become rational consumers of food products, energy, water and other natural resources.

The project aims to support the initial and continuous training of teachers, including trainee teachers, and to promote the acquisition of key competencies through their training in:

  • Learning to learn, and
  • Social and civil competency.

By developing an innovative didactic material which will be based on ICT applications and traditional teaching methodologies (content, services, pedagogues and practices), the project aims to train teachers and pupils on how to be rational consumers in modern society.

With the aid of this training material, the teachers will develop the skills required to teach their pupils and to interact with the pupils’ familial environment and broader community, in order to respond to the needs of the rapidly changing world. In addition, they will help their students’ to develop key competences concerning the consumption of food and other products, energy and natural resources.

Products of the project

During the implementation of the project the following products will be developed:

  • Research material in each participating country on the existing school curriculum for training teachers and pupils on “consumer behaviour” (in English language)
  • Printed booklet on the current E.U. Legislation on the protection of citizens as consumers of goods and services (in English and also in partners’ languages)
  • Training material for distance learning and e-learning (in English language)
  • Training material for pupils (in English and also in partners’ languages)
  • Development of a website to be used by teachers and pupils to exchange ideas, information and obtain relevant products (books, CDs, educational games etc.) (in English and partners’ languages)
  • Leaflets and posters promoting consumer awareness (in English and partners’ languages)

Expected results

  • Acquisition by the teachers of new knowledge and skills necessary for the education of their pupils on “consumer behaviour” and pilot application of this knowledge to groups of pupils.
  • Development of partnerships among teachers of various countries and exchange of information and experiences.
  • Enhancement of the teachers’ role in educating society (mainly their pupils), on issues affecting the modern citizen, such as the lack of consumer awareness and the wasting of energy and natural resources.
  • Raising awareness of parents and the general public in each region, through the actions and events that will be organized by the participant pupils.
  • Dissemination of the project and its results in more than 200 schools, 4000 pupils and 4000 parents and other adults in several countries of Europe.


1GreeceHarokopio University of Athens (HUA)
2GreeceConsumers New Institute (NewINKA)
3GreeceDIAN-Training and Management Activities (DIAN)
4GreecePedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE)
5TurkeyEgitim ve Genclik Calismalari Enstitusu (EGECED)
6SlovakiaState Institute of Vocational Training and Education (SIOV)
7RomaniaScoala cu cls. I-VIII Petofi Sandor (PETOFI)
8GreeceInternational School of Athens (ISA)
9ItalyEuroreso (EURORESO)